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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I wonder if anyone is here..

I wonder if anyone still has my blog in their reader..

I just had to write on the occassion of my babies' FIRST BIRTHDAY.

Oh.My.Gosh.  Seriously.  i have been a mom for one year??  It went by so fast.  It seems like so long ago that I was pregnant. Wait.. I think those are contradictory statements.  It went by so fast, yet it was so long ago. Weird.

Seriously... the first four months were like four years, but I would say since then, it's gone by pretty fast. 

I started this blog when I was going through IVF treatments, because I was DEATHLY afraid of needles.  The women I met through the blogosphere helped me on my journey SO MUCH and I do still frequently read their blogs and everytime I think.. I should write.. I should update.  That was fun back then, I shoudl do it again.

So, if you still read, here's your chance to ask any question you want.. or pick a topic from the below list, and I PROMISE I will write about it.

1. My birth story
2. What I got my kids for their first birthday
3.  Twins - the top three ways I survived the first year
4. What kind of mom I am

Ok, I'm going to be seriously sad if I get no comments, so if you got this far, please vote or ask a question, or at least say hi in the comments.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Father's Day

Carlos mentioned that he would like photos of me and the babies for Father's Day.  I didn't really know how I would pull that one off.  I don't shower very often, and really don't have any clothes that I am comfortable wearing in public.  I don't have any nursing tops. I got a few hand me down that were medium size. Not sure what planet I was on, thinking I would be medium size after I delivered. At least not the parts that go in tops. 

I quickly learned you can't fit 40E boobs into a medium size nursing top or nursing dress.  So those sit in the closet.

But I had a helper last week (not my normal helper, but an awesome helper.  More backblogging posts on the helper coming soon - she's as my good friend H would say "interesting"), So we went to the mall, and I got my makeup done at Chanel at Nordstrom.  We came back and she took some photos.  Unfortunately, it was the worst time of day for the babies.  They were quite fussy.  or very fussy.  But we got a couple of decent photos out of 120!

I also arranged for our massage therapist to come to the house on Sunday morning to give massages to both me and Carlos.  I really wanted Carlos to have two full hours of quiet, so I had my massage first and the babies were mostly sleeping,  Then Carlos had his massage, and I kept the babies occupied and quiet in our bedroom, while he had his massage in the living room.

Then we took the babies to Costco.  Our frist trip to Costco with the babies.  Attention TWIN MOMS:  A regular shopping trip with two babies will take MUCH.LONGER than it used to.  We got stopped by at least 10 different partices wanting to look at the babies.  And we didn't have a double stroller or anything.  We were each wearing a baby, so it wasn't even that noticeable.  But people LOVE babies.  And twins even more.  So, that was actually fun.  Might get annoying in the future.  But way fun that morning.

Hoenstly twin moms that are reading this in or around your 8th week or so - this is the key to surviving.. if you haven't gotten out of the house, DO IT.  Seeing other people, them telling you how lucky you are to have twins.. it helps so much. 

More Quotes to Remember

Next in the series...

So we got these awesome little stuffed animal pacifer holders that will be on my list of Must Haves, whenever I make one.  They are called Wub-A-Nub, and they are Soothies pacifiers connected to little stuffed animals.  We have two, one is a monkey and one is a bear.

I had just looked at Babycenter's list of "What your baby is doing this week" and it said that your baby should start being able to grasp things and hold on to them.

We went out for breakfast this morning with the babies and Hombre had his pacifier in his car seat.  Carlos was feeding Princess, and I was standing in front of Hombre's car seat in the waiting area.  His carseat was sitting on a table, and I was blocking the sunlight from his eyes.

I looked down and exclaimed, "Hombre is holding his monkey!"

We got a good laugh, and since then have made many a joke about Hombre and his monkey.  Poor thing.  This will be fodder for dinner conversations with future girlfriends.  Sorry, dude.  You love your monkey.

Quotes I want to Remember

This is going to be the start of a series called "Quotes I want to Remember."  Maybe I'll even abbreviate it to QIWtR.  Isn't that the thing to do?

We are getting ready to take the babies on our first trip with all four of us.  Well, the first trip that wasn't hospital or doctor's office.  We were going to our favorite breakfast place.  Carlos woke me up inorder to suggest that we go at 7 am.  Did you hear that? Carlos WOKE ME UP to go there.  It was so nice to sleep until 7 am. Important additional sidenote:  Did not get in bed until 5 am.

Anyway, Carlos loves to talk to the babies and tell them whatever he is thinking.  He read that you don't have to actually tell them any actual story or anything interesting at all, but if you just vary your tone so that it sounds like a story, they will love it.

So, in his really sweet story-telling voice, he says,
"Hombre, it might be time to get you some of those stupid little toys that hang off your carseat."

Now that I read this, it might not be as funny as it was when he said, but I promise it was really funny, because Hombre doesn't know what stupid means, and it's fun that we can acknoledge that a) those toys are stupid and silly (like Uglydoll, hello?  Have you seen that thing?  I bet my kids will LOVE it, though) and b)we gotta get 'em anyway.  and c)we'll be the ones playing with these silly toys as well.