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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Measurements and Update

Wow - it's been a while since I blogged.. I have GOT to get better at this..

Well, first of all, since I know you all are curious... I am 100% better/cured from my hemorroids. What a relief! And I did not have to have surgery!

The medication that my OB gave me helped A TON, and I started taking fiber and major increased my water intake. I used lidocaine, hydrocortisone, Tucks, and a suppository that was not pleasant, but did the trick. Honestly, three days of that, and they shrunk to a completely normal size. I still have them, but they are just a minor inconvenience and not making me wish I could die. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but it seriously hurt to walk, to sit, to stand, to move, EVERYTHING.

But I'm all better, so please if you know anyone that stopped reading my blog due to my graphic butt posts.. hee hee.. they can resume now..

In other news, wanted to share a momentous occasion from last week.. So there I was getting measured. I was quite curious, I hadn't been measured, since I was about 16 weeks, and I knew I had grown.

So, she says... Looks like you are... Thirty-eight..

Oh My!

And the next words out of her mouth were Double D.

Yes, I was at Soma, getting measured for a new bra. If you can stand TMI, I was a 36C before this pregnancy.. and I knew I'd gotten bigger.. but wow - it's kinda weird to be a DD. And to know that I have many many weeks to go (planning on that, anyway!) and I'm going to get bigger!

Which is fine, I just need to add maternity and nursing bras as a line item on the household budget! I really want to try to BF my twins for as long as possible and solely, if possible, so I guess I am happy my "feeders" are growing and getting ready to produce milk for them.

Speaking of, Carlos and I went to a breastfeeding class and a hospital tour this week. And I went to my first Mothers of Multiples meeting. I'll be blogging about those this week.

I'm really interested in natural childbirth and love to read stories of natural childbirth of twins. If you know of any, I'd love to hear about it. Of course, I'll do what is best for the babies and me, but it's a goal on which I'd like to educate myself. Would love to hear your thoughts.