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Monday, October 12, 2009

still here

Hello Blogosphere!

I am so sorry I have been so bad at keeping up with the blog. It has brought me such joy that some of you have reached out to me to ask how I am doing.

I am doing great - still pregnant, still twins.

I am just so so so so tired all the time. i really don't want to sound like a complaining pregnant woman, it's just debilitating tired all.the.time. I feel like such a slacker at work, because I just at like 6:30 pm. I have to go home and take a nap, and then I can work a little more. It's major "crunch time" at my work, so it's not a good time to be slacking off.

So, that's my excuse. I work, I sleep. I try to eat. I forget, or am too tired to blog.

i'm going to be better at blogging, though, because it gives me a good release, and I need that.

So, what I'm working on right now is going to be blogging more, and eating more. It is so so hard. Actually, Carlos just walked in while I'm typing this, and asked, "Did the babies have breakfast yet this morning?"
I said, i had some crackers."

He said, "Not enough, let me get you some cereal. And as he opened the brand new milk carton. "I see you didn't have milk last night before you went to bed."

This might be annoying to some of you, but he says it in the sweetest way, and it's because he cares. I read that I needed to have 2700 calories a day, and I think I've been having half that, maybe. I asked him to help me to eat more. I really don't want to affect their growth by not eating enough.

By the way, I have been working on a long blog post about PGD. If you have any questions about PGD that I can answer, please send them to me, and I'll make sure to include them in the post I have upcoming!


B. said...

Hurray! It's good to hear from you again, and to know that things are going well. I understand that the exhaustion is far worse with multiples than a singleton, and knowing how tired I was for the first 14 weeks, you have my complete sympathy. Hang in there!

BB said...

Glad to know everything is going well! About the eating part... I feel like I eat all the time... and I still feel like I reach no where above 2200 cals max. May be I should load up on milkshakes! ;) Your exhaustion will hopefully pass soon!

Mo and Will said...

So, so good to hear from you Gabby. I've been thinking of you and hoping that you're doing well. Of course you're exhausted, you're gestating TWINS! Such an amazing thing : ) keep posting when you feel up to it. we're out here!!


Simple said...

Congrats on the twins! I am super excited to read your post on PGD. I'm on IVF #2 & my RE is recommending it - I'm still on the fence. Ugh!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear from you again! thanks for putting my out of my misery at wondering how your doing by posting. :)
do what you can with the eating thing for me, your appetite will be out of control when you hit the second trimester and eating will be no problemo...the one trick that worked for me against nausea (and still does) is to eat something, the littlest something every two hours or so. as long as i didn't go too long without food i was usually feeling much better than if not. hope you continue to do very well! lilly

Michele said...


EAT!!! You need to top 100g of protein with twins! My doctor liked at least 120 but it had to be over 100. It was rough some days but make sure you are eating well! They need to grow big and strong!

Beautiful Mess said...

Glad you're doing well. Despite being bone weary exhausted. I love that Carlos is reminding you to eat. Good hubby and daddy!

Anonymous said...

Gabby, so happy to hear you and the twins are doing well. I love that Carlos is helping you eat. Not that I have any experience, but I've heard that many of the problems carrying twins can be avoided by eating enough (healthfully) in the first part of pg. Best of luck with it all -

Karen said...

just catching up on you also! Congrats!

BTW, if you read the 2700 calorie thing in the Barbara Luke book - or elsewhere for that matter, but her book is notorious for this - take it with a grain of salt. You DO need to take care of yourself and you DO need to eat when you can - but don't eat calories just for the sake of getting calories in. Eat good, healthy food, and do your best - but do NOT stress about the numbers.

Barbara Luke almost implies that if you DON'T eat enough and at exactly her caloric intake levels, then you don't love your future children. It's incredibly unfortunate. I was hyperemetic with my triplets (not nearly as bad as this time with a singleton, but still pretty awful) and frankly, COULDN'T eat. Did that mean I didn't love my babies? Of course not. It meant I couldn't eat. But babies are parasites, and they're going to get what they need from you, regardless of your intake. This is per my perinatologist, fyi. I lost 30 pounds in my triplet pregnancy (and another 20 on delivery day), but my babies were healthy and beautiful - and are now healthy two year olds.

Just be good to yourself and don't stress about numbers - remember, maternal stress isn't good for fetal development either. ;)

Sassy said...

I'm glad you're doing well & happily preggo. I look foreward to reading your PGD post. xo

Anonymous said...

hey gabby...just checking in again...are you still, still here? would love to hear from you and hope you are well.

WiseGuy said...

Am so glad that your pregnancy is going well. My best wishes are with you...even though I right now do not have any questions on PGD, I would certainly like to read what you have to say on the topic.

Angela said...

Hi Gabby,
How are you doing? I've been checking back for updates now and then and to be honest am getting a little worried as time goes on.

Hope you are fine,