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Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Quotes to Remember

Next in the series...

So we got these awesome little stuffed animal pacifer holders that will be on my list of Must Haves, whenever I make one.  They are called Wub-A-Nub, and they are Soothies pacifiers connected to little stuffed animals.  We have two, one is a monkey and one is a bear.

I had just looked at Babycenter's list of "What your baby is doing this week" and it said that your baby should start being able to grasp things and hold on to them.

We went out for breakfast this morning with the babies and Hombre had his pacifier in his car seat.  Carlos was feeding Princess, and I was standing in front of Hombre's car seat in the waiting area.  His carseat was sitting on a table, and I was blocking the sunlight from his eyes.

I looked down and exclaimed, "Hombre is holding his monkey!"

We got a good laugh, and since then have made many a joke about Hombre and his monkey.  Poor thing.  This will be fodder for dinner conversations with future girlfriends.  Sorry, dude.  You love your monkey.

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