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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

30 week appointment

Ok, I said I would update, and here I am!

This one is going to be bullet point format.

Went to the doc today for a checkup. I met with one of the midwives that I had not met before. At my practice, there are 4 midwives and two docs. They all are on a rotation. If you are a singleton mama, you deliver with whoever is on rotation. If you're a twin mama like me, you get one of the doctors. I LOVE one of the doctors a little more than I love the other one, so I am hoping to get her. I need to give these women some names.

ANyway, but for this prenatal appointment, I couldn't get either one of the doctors, so I got one of the midwives. She was wonderful, so it was fine.

I asked lots of questions...

1. My fundal height? 38 weeks! i am measuring 38 weeks. It is so funny the things that you hear. People say all the time, "You're not that big at all!" Well, actually, yeah, I am. I'm measuring like someone who is about to pop, and I'm not planning on popping for 6 more weeks!

2. Speaking of that, I didn't ask, but the midwife said I should expect to deliver around 36-37 weeks. She thought the babies were good size (2 pounds 10 pounds each at the 28 week appointment) that my uterus would get so big that it woudl just be ready. It was nice to sort of have a "professional" opinion on this. Although, I know it's just an opinion. But i'm sort of thinking April 16th in my head.. That's 36 weeks.

3. Can I wear my own clothes for labor and delivery? Sure, you can wear whatever you want. So, here's my question to the blogosphere... is anyone planning to wear their own clothes, or did anyone? Any pros and cons, what to wear?

4. Random thing. In the waiting room before the appointment, Carlos and I made a list of all the things we have to do in the next 6 weeks and beyond.. It feels like so much, but getting it all down on google docs made it better.

5. When I came home, I researched prices on diapers and went ahead and bought them. 240 Pampers Swaddlers for Newborn for 52.95. Wow - diapers are expensive. Amazon is a great deal, thought. Love the free shipping!

6. The babies are moving so much! And they do not like the non-stress test. I felt bad for them as they really go crazy moving all around when the tech tries to get the heartbeats set on both of them. I feel like the machine is so old fashioned. Finally we just said forget it, and unstrapped me. I would LOVE to know what these babies are thinking.

7. My babies also LOVE American Idol. Well, here I go, guessing that movement means they love it. Which I just contradicted myself, because they moved a ton during the non-stress test, and I assumed that meant they didn't like it. Wow. Will I be deciding for myself what they like and don't like their whole lives? Ha ha. But I swear, the most active part of the day is when we are watching American Idol. And Carlos sang to them Let It Be after American Idol, and they started to calm down. It was really nice, because I love it when they move, but sometimes I also like them calm. I'm sure this will be the case when they are here, too.

Ok, i know this was a lame update, but I'm trying to remember all this stuff, and I'm going to get better at writing everyday, so it's not always going to be exciting!

THANKS a ton for the stroller ideas - I'm going to look into them.. Now..what are you wearing for labor and delivery? The standard issue hospital gown or something else? Can't wait to hear!


Mommy and Wife said...

Hi. I just found your blog tonight. I think it is freat that your are trying for a natural birthing experience. I'm not sure if you are a fan of babyc.enter or not. However if you are there is a wonderful group there called Natural Unmedicated Childbirth. They were a great support for me. We also have a twin Mommy over there right now whom is shooting for a drug free birth.
As for what to wear. I was going for a water birth so I got a two piece maternity swimsuit. I wore the top while in the water and had a loose flowy skirt I was going to wear out of the water. I ended up just wearing a hospital gown after I got out of the water the first time then later all the clothes went flying. I just didn't care anymore (Sorry if that was to much TMI)

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

I wore my own clothes for the month I was in the hospital before giving birth. But a warning -- at 32 weeks I started peeing involuntarily many times a day, and the water breaking was a whole other mess, so be prepared that whatever pants you wear may never be worn again.

Because I had a c-section, they made me wear a hospital gown during the birth, and I kept wearing gowns after that until I was discharged since I was too sore to take pants off and on, and the gown had handy slits for pumping.

tootertotz said...

As for the l&d clothes...I just went with hospital gown as I was leaking fluid and knew it was going to be a mess. And it was. Plus, I was so large that a muumuu was about as comfy as it could be for me and none of my own clithes were nearly as cozy as that in the end.

It also depends on if you are okay with tossing whatever you wear after delivery. If so, wear your own stuff.

Congrats on a smooth OB visit and continued peace in the pregnancy!

cheryllookingforward said...

Not that I have any clue how labor and delivery will go, but I plan on changing into hospital issue clothes as soon as I can. I don't want my stuff to get all messed up!
I'm hoping I can wear a soft bra under the gown and socks. I don't like my feet being cold and these boobies are out of control and need to be held in.
I plan to bring some other clothes for later because I'm very modest and will want to be wearing pants with people come to see the baby.

I'm happy your appointment went well! April 16th seems so close!

donna said...

I wore the hospital gown but my own comfy socks. Things can be a bit messy so I preferred to wear the hospital stuff.

I still have the socks though!

Anonymous said...

so glad you posted again!

i'm wearing my own clothes as i'm birthing at a birth center...and for me, i wouldn't want to be in a hospital gown either way. i want to be in whatever clothes feel comfortable to me at the i'm thinking i may start out in yoga pants and a comfy top, but will likely end up naked and free.
i think it's up to you, what you're most comfortable with and in the end we should probably be open to whatever happens. espcially since we've never done this before! :)
glad you are doing so well......measuring 38wks! amazing.

Michele said...

I wore a tank top until I was forced into a hospital gown for the emergency c-section. Personally, I think my tank top would have worked just fine for the c/s, LOL!

Rosie said...

I wore my own clothes initially n then the hospital idea how the transition happenend..

now incase ur water breaks at home...maternity pads wont do jacksh1t...and ur clothes will be wet all the time...sooooo go buy urself some adult diapers..AWESOMEEEE...and its comfy..and u wont feel wet..

i would also reccomend using the diapers after birth..seriously pads suck...and with diapers u dont have to worry about staining or midwives thought it was a great idea... :)

Heather said...

What an exciting time for you! I've got no advice...sorry. But I wanted to say HI and happy ICLW!

K said...

So exciting how far along you've come! It's so cool that we're just weeks apart! I turn full term around the same time as you. Good luck on your journey!

Rach said...

Congrats on your pregnancy and hope labour goes well for you.


Kate said...

Clothes are something I hadn't even considered yet - I guess I'll get there, but I'm still overwhelmed by the 'to-do' list and I've got a lot of time left!

Glad your appointment went well!


Kristin said...

I'd say wear a hospital gown for delivery. If you are able to deliver vaginally, it can be messy and a hospital gown protects your clothes.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and I hope it all goes smoothly.

~ICLW #31

kimbosue said...

Yep, ditto all the bodily fluids everywhere so why not ruin an ugly hospital gown than my favorite comfy sweats and t-shirt? :0)

daega99 said...

I think your post is pretty cool!!!!


Jennifer said...

Just found your blog through ICLW. Hoping your pregnancy is continuing to go well. Good luck with your delivery.

Anonymous said...

I brought my own clothes but ended up wearing the gown they gave. It's messy,nicer to ruin their stuff. Also breast feeding way easier with thier baggy, open front gown.

Catrisha T said...

Never heard of anyone wearing their own clothing during delivery. I mean afterwards yeah, but not during. Interesting? Something to think about if I ever conceive #2.

ICLW #33

Erika said...

Sure hoping the birth of your twins goes just as you're wanting it to. Happy ICLW!

Holly said...

There is no such thing as a lame update when are documenting such a momentous journey! Congrats to you and your growing family!

ICLW #134

Anonymous said...

Congrats on making it to 30 weeks! Wishing you lots of luck for the last leg!