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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quotes I want to Remember

This is going to be the start of a series called "Quotes I want to Remember."  Maybe I'll even abbreviate it to QIWtR.  Isn't that the thing to do?

We are getting ready to take the babies on our first trip with all four of us.  Well, the first trip that wasn't hospital or doctor's office.  We were going to our favorite breakfast place.  Carlos woke me up inorder to suggest that we go at 7 am.  Did you hear that? Carlos WOKE ME UP to go there.  It was so nice to sleep until 7 am. Important additional sidenote:  Did not get in bed until 5 am.

Anyway, Carlos loves to talk to the babies and tell them whatever he is thinking.  He read that you don't have to actually tell them any actual story or anything interesting at all, but if you just vary your tone so that it sounds like a story, they will love it.

So, in his really sweet story-telling voice, he says,
"Hombre, it might be time to get you some of those stupid little toys that hang off your carseat."

Now that I read this, it might not be as funny as it was when he said, but I promise it was really funny, because Hombre doesn't know what stupid means, and it's fun that we can acknoledge that a) those toys are stupid and silly (like Uglydoll, hello?  Have you seen that thing?  I bet my kids will LOVE it, though) and b)we gotta get 'em anyway.  and c)we'll be the ones playing with these silly toys as well.

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ssebh said...

I can totally see Carlos saying that! Too funny!

And what a great category, btw.