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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Father's Day

Carlos mentioned that he would like photos of me and the babies for Father's Day.  I didn't really know how I would pull that one off.  I don't shower very often, and really don't have any clothes that I am comfortable wearing in public.  I don't have any nursing tops. I got a few hand me down that were medium size. Not sure what planet I was on, thinking I would be medium size after I delivered. At least not the parts that go in tops. 

I quickly learned you can't fit 40E boobs into a medium size nursing top or nursing dress.  So those sit in the closet.

But I had a helper last week (not my normal helper, but an awesome helper.  More backblogging posts on the helper coming soon - she's as my good friend H would say "interesting"), So we went to the mall, and I got my makeup done at Chanel at Nordstrom.  We came back and she took some photos.  Unfortunately, it was the worst time of day for the babies.  They were quite fussy.  or very fussy.  But we got a couple of decent photos out of 120!

I also arranged for our massage therapist to come to the house on Sunday morning to give massages to both me and Carlos.  I really wanted Carlos to have two full hours of quiet, so I had my massage first and the babies were mostly sleeping,  Then Carlos had his massage, and I kept the babies occupied and quiet in our bedroom, while he had his massage in the living room.

Then we took the babies to Costco.  Our frist trip to Costco with the babies.  Attention TWIN MOMS:  A regular shopping trip with two babies will take MUCH.LONGER than it used to.  We got stopped by at least 10 different partices wanting to look at the babies.  And we didn't have a double stroller or anything.  We were each wearing a baby, so it wasn't even that noticeable.  But people LOVE babies.  And twins even more.  So, that was actually fun.  Might get annoying in the future.  But way fun that morning.

Hoenstly twin moms that are reading this in or around your 8th week or so - this is the key to surviving.. if you haven't gotten out of the house, DO IT.  Seeing other people, them telling you how lucky you are to have twins.. it helps so much. 


Sunny said...

YES! We can't go anywhere without feeling like Paris Hilton, everyone wants to stop and gawk at us. Sometimes the attention is nice, and other times I want to shout, "STOP TALKING TO ME! CAN'T YOU SEE THEY ARE ABOUT TO HAVE A MELTDOWN SO I NEED TO PAY FOR MY STUFF AND GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE BEFORE WE HAVE TO ENDURE TWO SCREECHING BABIES?" But yeah, it can be fun too. :)

JJ said...

Gabby, thanks for posting on my blog and following it! Congrats on the twins!!! I hope all is going really well. Yep, we feel like minor celebrities going out with the babies - getting stopped all the time.

Anonymous said...

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