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Friday, June 5, 2009

what's next?

Disclaimer: For my 3 or 4 readers who know me in real life and are not affected with infertility, I have to tell you that IF bloggers sometimes describe bodily functions on these blogs. I actually spared the blogosphere of my constipation story, but I might be writing that one for posterity soon. I don't have the daily pre and post IVF news these days, so I might have to dredge up some expereinces that i neglected documeting. Consider yourself warned.

So, anyway, in current bodily function news, I got my period on Tuesday this week. I was glad that it came quickly after I stopped the endometrin and estrogen. Aunt Flo came with a vengeance. I was prepared for it to be heavier than normal, but oh my, this is extreme. Also different was that I had red blood the first day, then brown blood, then red. I have never had red the first day. For me, it was an indication that this cycle, something was different. There may be another medical reason for it (or no reason at all) but for me, it told me, this was a different cycle. This cycle, I was pregnant. Not "very" pregnant, and not for a very long time, but I was pregnant. And I will get pregnant again.

I went to Bunko on Wednesday night and had a glass of wine and then even had a drink on the flight home tonight. Two drinks in two days is probably more than I've had since college. But whatever.

I emailed with the doctor today. Signs of a good doctor: He gives you his email address at retrieval and tells you to use it whenever. He doesn't back off when your husband tells him, oh she will really take you up on that. Are you sure you want to do that?

Thanks, babe.

I wrote a very nice, driect, succint email asking two highly-intelligent questions.

I wanted to know what he suggested for birth control, since we are taking off two months before our frozen embryo transfer. I know some of you may think i'm crazy, but I really actually think we could get pregnant. We didn't try THAT long before we found out we were both carriers for cystic fibrosis. AND.. my husband's sperm dramatically improved after surgery, vitamins and weight loss (who knows which one, if any). Improved to the point where it's completely normal now.

Since we do not want to conceive naturally and risk passing on this horrible disease, we need to use some type of birth control. I asked about the Pill because cramps, backache, and heavy flow are not my favorite things. The RE said that the pill could mess with ovulation, and he suggested condoms and "foam."

Foam? I am going to have to research that one. I don't have any expereince with foam. Styrofoam? What? (Just kidding, I know not styrofoam.)

I'm sure we'll figure out something. At least I got an answer, no BCPs.

Then I also asked him about my estradiol levels. I had read on someone else's blog (TY, BTW) that high estradiol levels at transfer can create a "less than perfect" uterine environment. I just wanted his opinion on that, because I had uber high estradiol levels at retirieval. So I assume they were still at least somehwat high at transfer. I asked if he thought I might have more success with natural FET because my estrogen levels would not be unnaturally high. He concurred that high estradiol can cause an imperfect uterine enviroment, but of course said that pregnancy is possible under those curcumstances.

I was just looking for some reason for why.. and some hope that a future IVF would precede a trip to the hospital and a trip home with a baby nine months later. And I got it. A little more hope. Thanks, Doc.

Oh yeah, I actually asked him three questions. Now you see why Carlos was nervous for the emailing Doctor.

I asked him about the benefits of a natural FET cycle vs. a medicated FET cycle. He says the success rate is virtually the same in ovulatory women, and why take a bunch of shots if you don't have to? My email emphasized that I will do whatever shots are necessary however many times a day in whatever places on my body if it will increase our chances even a fraction of a percent. I just want a healthy pregnancy and baby, and if that means shots and drugs, then bring them on! Whatever it takes.

So, the plan is FET in August. I have to take off this cycle, and I just have too much going on in July. So, August it is.

Does anyone else calculate their due date as soon as they plan their cycle date? I have had so many due dates.

I am excited that I will be cycling with some blogosphere freinds. I really hope we all get pregnant *and* have babies exactly nine months after our good, high beta news!

Cheers! I'll be drinking to that this weekend!


Michele said...

As much as you are hurting right now, I applaud your positive mental attitude. That makes all the difference. And Gabby, I know, just KNOW you will be pregnant again and this little one will watch over their younger sibling and, hopefully, things will work out as you dream.

BB said...

I love your spirit!!! :) We are not very far being mommies... we will get there soon! Have fun before your FET!

Erin W. said...

So glad to see you in high spirits. It is good to have a plan! A friend of mine actually uses these little strip things that she *inserts* because she gets really depressed on BCP.
CHEERS to you as well!!! Hoping you get to bring home a baby in 11 months!! :D

sassy said...

Wow - I can't believe how positive you are able to be right now, that is amazing, and encouraging!

Our Journey... said...

I always calculate my due date way in advance on a medicated cycle! I think this month is the first I have not but I know it would be sometime in March since it was this time last year that I got my first BFP that ended in miscarriage. Hmm, now I think I am going to go figure out what it would be : ) Hang in there!

Ms. Perky said...

and you know? If my little George Jr. from today (I'm going to post about today's ridiculous transfer) turns out to be a bust? I'll be cycling in August, so we'll be in this one together. ;)

I totally calculate due dates as soon as I plan my cycles. I don't even do it on purpose. Like you, I have had so many due dates.

I think you are completely right to use birth control while you're waiting out these two cycles - defintely a wise choice. A 1 in 4 chance of CF? Those odds aren't pretty.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are able to look ahead, you have a bright future! And I would totally do the "natural" FET if my cycles weren't so wonky, but I hate the whole filling myself with chemicals aspect...but whatever brings home a baby! Good luck to you in August, hope you fill the in-between time with fun things.