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Thursday, August 20, 2009

i triggered tonight - transfer day set!

well, I have news to report!

i started m OPK on Monday, no surge, then Tuesday, no surge.. this morning, I really was thinking that this cycle would completely ruin any possibility of plans for the weekend.

i was stuck in meetings all morning at work, then finally at noon, i went to the bathroom and tested.

I got the surge and called my nurse coordinator. She said come in at 3:30, so I called Carlos and told him I'd be picking him up at 3:00, and then emailed my boss and told her I needed to run a personal errand and I had to miss the 3:00 pm meeting. (I never do this, but I really had no choice at this point.)

My lining was 10.8, the doc said anything over 8 is good. and my follicle was on the left side, and it was 19 x 20. he said that's a good sign and to trigger tonight.

i had an outing with my team, so i took carlos home, ran in and triggered and then went out. I purposely have a drink every time I go out with my team. I am so paranoid, because pregnancy is on my mind all the time, i assume it's on everyone's else's, too. I'm sure no one cares whether i drink or not, or even notices or would even suspect i was pregnant if I didn't drink. but whatever, i'm paranoid, so I have a martini.

So next Wednesday. the embryologist will call with the exact time. I'm going to ask the doctor about traveling by air on Friday. I have had a girls weekend planned for months and months with my college girlfriends. I would really like to go.

i really thought I might transfer that next Thursday, so I'd already written off the girls weekend.. but now it might happen.

So, to the blogosphere.. did you rest completely for three days after transfer? Do you think i should get on a plane on Friday after my transfer Wednesday? Carlos will carry all my luggage and not make me walk far, and I will probably get upgraded, as we are both have Super Special Titanium status on American. What do you think?


'Murgdan' said...

I'd go...but that's just me. I'm going to rest for 2-3 days, only because I've been lucky enough to scheudle my transfer on a Friday though.

I think you should go have some fun...just no mountain climbing or weightlifting maybe. ;-)

Good luck!

Simple said...

Hi - congrats on the trigger! I just had my 3 day transfer (IVF) yesterday. My doctor is conservative & is only having my rest for 24 hrs. Plus, from all articles I've read, there is no evidence to support the theory that extended bed rest will result in more pregnancies. But if it worries you, go with your gut & don't do it. :) Sending positive vibes for the transfer!!!!! :)

Flower said...

Yahooooooo that is great news.

Brenna said...

I'd go to your girls' weekend. I'm not convinced that resting or not resting makes a difference (unless you're facing an incompetent cervix or something that bedrest is proven to help), and I've decided that I don't want to miss out on all of life's special moments while I'm on the couch or in bed. That said, I did rest for a few days following both IVF transfers...but if I'd had something really fun planned a few days afterwards, I might have been up off the couch a tiny bit sooner. We always try to plan some little get-away during the 2ww to keep us distracted!

Hoping and praying that this is a successful cycle for you.


Jenn said...

YAY, so we will have the same transfer date!! My previous RE didnt recommend any bedrest after ET, but my current RE wants 2 days of it. I think you'd be okay to fly 3 days later...I mean, think of all the people that get pregnant without having to do all this...they don't have to do anything special! Good Luck!!

Pie said...

I think it's fine to travel Friday. If you were getting treatment at a far-away clinic (like I am!) flying is part of the whole deal. After a transfer, they say bedrest the day of transfer, and the whole day after, then you are free to travel (i.e. fly) home. They say don't lift anything heavy.

So I think it's ok. Good luck!

Michele said...

I'm a worrywort, so I would rest, but I say go with your gut! Do what makes you feel most comfy!

Hillary said...

Honestly, if I were you, I'd go. Infertility becomes such a gigantic life-suck that it's all you think about, talk about, plan around, etc. I think it's healthy to keep on living your life.

I'm sure whatever is supposed to happen will happen, and going (or not going) on your trip won't affect it either way.

Have a fun weekend and best of luck on the FET!

Beautiful Mess said...

Woooohooo! You're on your way! How exciting!
Sending you so much love for your transfer. I hope you can get to go on your weekend. That sounds like fun!

Cassandra said...

I know more than one person who have flown a day or two after transfer (mostly because they were being treated at out-of-town clinics) and ended up pregnant. The data on bedrest after transfer are far from conclusive anyway. I'd go on the trip personally, but take it pretty easy there.

Good luck!

sasssy said...

So exciting!

I agree that you should go on your weekend. I had friends visiting for a week after transfer and honestly while they were here it totally helped keep my mind off things.

Kate said...

Good luck, this is good news!