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Monday, August 3, 2009

Talked to the Clinic This Morning

Hello -

I have no update on AF, but I still wanted to call the clinic to talk through what to expect. It had been so long since I talked with my Nurse Coordinator, It just seemed like i should call to make sure there was no surprises.

Also, a fellow blogger is doing an FET this month and goes in for a baseline right after she got AF, so I wanted to ask about that.

I also wanted to check on timing, since we are planning to take a trip home the weekend of the 14th of August. Seems like this cycle may be messing with that, wouldn't you know it? And after I talked with the Nurse, it's pretty much confirmed unless I don't get my period this week at all, it looks like Day 10 will definitely be over the weekend when I am scheduled to be home.

She says that I need to go in on the day i get my LH surge. So basically I need to be here. So we will cancel that trip.

She says no baseline appointment needed at all for this cycle. Just come in for ultrasound on the day I get my surge, that's it. And then transfer 7 days later. Hmmm..

In other news, I think I chipped a tooth last night. I made my sweet husband look inside my mouth and even take photos so I could see it too, and sure enough, it looks chipped. Great! I had planned to go to the dentist before I got pregnant, so I guess this is good. But i thought i'd have time to ask around and find a good dentist and all that. (I don't have a dentist in this city where I am spending most of my time yet) So anyway, i made an appointment for later today. So now i have to miss part of the day on my first day back. oh well.

Anyone ever done an unmedicated FET like this? I'd love to hear.. i just feel like they should see me. I don't know for what, but something.. i don't know.

Oh! And i got a little bloggy award. I'll update that next time I post. Thanks!


Michele said...

I think one of the things most non-IFers dont realize is how much IF takes from your lifestyle. Canceled trips, plans, etc. I cant even tell you how many times we had to make excuses for this or that because we had to drive to the REs office for an u/s, b/w, or iui.

BB said...

Good luck getting started on this cycle hon!

'Murgdan' said...

This is a truly natural FET. I really wanted to do this, since I really do trust my body, but in the end didn't even ask. I know that on my own I don't build up a super duper lining (my periods are always only 2 days) I figured I wouldn't say no to the estrogen boost (which prevents ovulation) (which causes you to need progesterone supplementation) here I am.

There are a ZILLION different ways of doing this...and statistically none has been found to be better than another.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I'm thinking of you. My next fresh cycle is looming.

Anonymous said...

How exciting that your FET is coming right up! Sorry about the trip, but that was the right call. Best of luck - I know several people who have successfully done unmedicated cycles but I don't know if they were FETs or not. I am a complete drugged out woman every time (sadly!)