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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome ICLW - Things I Love

I never have done this before, but I know most people write an introductory post about themselves for ICLW.

The short version is up at the top of my blog.. We're in our 2nd round of IVF, transfer scheduled for Wednesday in the middle of ICLW. It's a frozen transfer this time, and we are thankful for our tot-cicles. I call my husband Carlos on the blog. He and I are both 35-year-old carriers of Cystic Fibrosis, so we are donig PGD to avoid having a child affected with the disease. We are not affected at all, just carriers. We live in northern California and Central Texas. Yes, both.

To share a little more about myself, I guess I'm taking the "positive" route.. since I made a quick, top-of-mind list of things I love. In no paticular order, and definitley not-exhaustive, here's a list of a few things I love...

  1. Family bathrooms, especially in airports
  2. my blackberry
  3. sseatbelt purses
  4. little funny or inspirational gift books
  5. Pinkberry
  6. soy candles
  7. thank you points
  8. free money
  9. walking around Target, even if I don’t buy anything
  10. Desperate Housewives
  11. helping others with personal finance
  12. Dr. Google
  13. a good healthy debate
  14. Choux Cream from Tokyo
  15. street musicians and street magicians
  16. baby stuff
  17. good customer service
  18. walking around American art and craft stores
  19. the “afternoon tea” experience
  20. getting to know people
  21. searching and finding in my gmail
  22. fish and chips
  23. In-N-Out Burger
  24. my fujitsu scansnap
  25. getting upgraded before I get to the airport
  26. massages and facials
  27. excel
  28. singing praise music in church
  29. new moms that admit that sometimes they want to throw their baby at the wall
  30. my Briggs and Reilly luggage
  31. driving around looking at open houses, just for fun and ideas
  32. lifestories
  33. my goddaughter’s curls
  34. laying in the sun
  35. independent bookstores
  36. public transportation, especially underground
  37. my Butler Bag
  38. when people ask questions about what we are going through
  39. listening to Jackopierce
  40. the scent at Westin Hotels
  41. new comments on my blog
  42. glass art
  43. Christmas music
  44. Sobe lifewater, just out of the fridge
  45. my mac computer
  46. my digital camera
  47. Trader Joe’s
  48. My husband’s dimples
  49. Lululemon yoga pants
  50. IVF success stories
  51. Big fruit salads
  52. eating Mexican food on an outdoor patio
  53. Looking at my pedometer and seeing a number greater than 5K when I get home from work
  54. Planning a vacation or weekend getaway
  55. Conversations that challenge my worldview
  56. Working on my computer at a coffee shop
  57. Puppies
  58. Bad English that makes you smile
  59. The Drive-in movie
  60. Quicken
  61. A great conversation with an old girlfriend
  62. USAA
  63. Talking with my 86-year old grandma about pop culture
  64. Prescription transfer coupons
  65. CNN
  66. Win-win situations
  67. Bikram Yoga
  68. Football games at Kyle Field
  69. Funny laugh-out-loud blogs
  70. Scallops
  71. The Admirals Club
  72. Reading the newspaper on Sunday mornings
  73. Eating samples at Costco, and then not needing lunch
  74. The song Praise You in the Storm
  75. My friends, both blogosphere and real life
Do you Love any of these? What's on your list.. Tell me in the comments, making sure to let me know if you make your own list on your blog.


Eileen said...

LOVE your list! What a great way to get to know you. I look forward to learning more.


Beautiful Mess said...


I love your list! Seat belt purses are SO cute! I've lusted after one for years!

Good luck on Wednesday! I've got all my corssables crossed for you and sending you LOTS of good JUJU!

sophia said...

What a fun list! I'm not wanting to throw little E against the wall this afternoon, but might have told you something different yesterday morning. It will get easier... and it will also be harder at times, I imagine.

Echloe said...

I like your list. I love lululemon too. Good luck with your IVF/PGD cycle.


STC said...

I love your list. We have a lot of "likes" in common. Especially my Mac, puppies, the scent at the Westin ( I totally know what you are talking about!).

I am an IVF success story. Read my blog. I have a beautiful miracle baby, and although she stresses me out with all of her medical/neuro problems. I would not have her be any other way.

nice to meet you!

In Due Time said...

Thanks for sharing your list with us! Happy ICLW to you. Good luck to you and the hubs!

WiseGuy said...

Love the list that you did, and there quite a few to which I was nodding my head.

WIshing you the very best!

Be good!


Lisa RM said...

I love win-win's too!

Anonymous said...

Oh... I like your list. Now that's a good exercise to sound off what's currently in your head. Have to try that sometime!

And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Its so nice to find new bloggers through ICLW. Wish you all the best for your FET on Wednesday. Will be thinking positive thoughts for you. Take care.

EWebey said...

Very cute idea!!
I love my mac as well. And the only thing that could make In-and-Out better is if they were in places other than the west coast.

Kristin said...

What a great list of things you love. Hoping and praying this FET works for you. Good luck.


Parenthood For Me said...

Great list. YOu reminded me that I need to get a pedometer.
Happy ICLW

Kate said...

OH I love this list! I love the BEDS at Westins, and Dr. Google is an addiction I'm trying to curb :)