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Friday, April 16, 2010

36 week update - induction scheduled :(


Well, today marks 36 weeks... I am thrilled, and it's starting to get very real that these babies will be here soon!

At no time was it more real than when last Monday the doctor told me she wanted to schedule induction for Monday the 26th. It was not a happy conversation AT ALL. Background is that there are two doctors at my practice, there is the one I LOVE, and then there is this doctor that I saw last Monday that started this conversation.

I handled myself very well, but I was not happy at all with the conversation.

She walked through the process. I would come in at 9 pm the night before, she would use a cervical ripening agent (either cervidil, cytotec or a follie bulb) and then allow me to sleep and then I would wake up and get pitocin the next morning.

Side note - google cytotec if you want to know why I'm against that. Even the manufacturer of the drug says "do not use on pregnant women!"

This whole thing goes completely against my birth plan. My plan of laboring at home, not being hooked up to machines, trying different positions during labor.. etc.

I am completely comfortable with changes to my birth plan.. I just wasn't really prepared for a change to my birth plan 3 weeks in advance. when I am zero centimeters dilated with a long cervix and I haven't even had a single contraction -- not even Braxton Hicks!

So, I wasn't really prepared.

And I don't think the doc handled the whole thing very well.

For one thing, she told me that contractions induced by pitocin are no different than contractions which come on naturally. Which is like completely false. Like it's not even a statement of opinion. It's a fact that it's false. Oh by the way, this woman has NEVER been pregnant. So, she really doesn't know.

I talked to my doula (who is actually a midwife) and she was very very supportive. We will try to start labor naturally this coming week with acupuncture, sex, whatever, hypnotherapy, prayer, anything.

I completely realize that people have epidurals and that is their choice, and i completely respect that. And everything is completely fine with their births. It's just not my choice. I read and studied and learned and decided this is what i wanted to do.. barring any health problems. ANd the babies are not in any danger. My blood pressure is still perfect, the non stress test results are perfect. Everything is fine.

Ok, seriously I am so happy and blessed to be pregnant, to have made it to 36 weeks, to have this incredible opportunity. I do realize I sound like i may be complaining. I'm sort of just venting. I'm so thankful.

Whatever happens will happen and I will embrace it as the birth that I was supposed to have. And as long as the babies are okay, I'm thrilled.

Thanks for listening!


Pufferfish said...

I totally sympathize with you. My boys were both on position for a natural delivery, but I was not dilated at ALL and the plan they laid out for me was the most unatural thing I'd ever heard. After realizing their plan could take up to 72 hrs and I might still end up with a c section, I opted out of 'natural' and all of their drugs and just went for the C.
I hope it goes better for you. The most important thing is that the get here safely.
Good luck! It's almost time!

Our Journey... said...

I'll pray that you can go into labor on your own girl. I was right there with you in wanting to go as natural as possible. Hang in there! Can't wait to see pictures soon!!

Courtney said...

It stinks that it's not according to plan, but I'm hoping that you'll be able to get labor started this week...! It's quite possible.
Good luck and keep us posted!

Heide said...

Okay, first let me say I'm so excited that those babies are coming!

My question is this: Is there a medical reason for the induction? Is it just size of the babies validated by ultrasound? Just because you have twins and that is what they do? Or something valid?

Remember that you can negotiate with your doctor - you do not have to agree to the induction - so be sure to ask the consequences if you choose not to agree.

With my second (VBAC attempt -- obviously not twins) I was at 41 weeks and asked my doc how long they would let me go. She told me a story of a patient that refused induction (or C section) and went to 44 weeks, delivered a VERY LARGE baby boy vaginally, but my doc's practice refused to see her for any subsequent pregnancies.

Anyhooo.... just some food for thought... can't wait to see their pictures and hear their names... gotta get a package in the mail to you IF they are coming so soon!

Happy 36 weeks...