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Monday, April 26, 2010

Ok, so decision!

Ok, so Friday I talked to my doula/midwife, and we talked through everything.

i decided to plan to go in on Tuesday and just follow the plan as laid out by my favorite doctor.

So, here's why...

1. I picked this doc for a reason. I trust her. SHe knows what's best. Even though I can be a "boat rocker" when appropriate, she is someone i trust, and it's best to go with the advice she has given.

2. the babies are big, they are in good shape, keeping them in a few more days wont' change THAT much.

3. If I were to go into labor naturally the next day, I might not get to deliver with BD. Although I was not that worried about delivering with OD (I hear she is fantastic at that.) I was really just more worried about being induced by her.

4. i just had to make a decision, and be done with it. It was agonizing. And the non-decision of sticking with the current plan was easier. Seriously, laziness set in. Heck, cut me some slack, I'm measuring 12 and a half-months pregnant.

Ok, so there you are. We are going in tomorrow morning.

I agreed to have my water broken in the morning, going against my original plan. I am hoping contractions start on their own, nice and slow and manageable. If not, I'll have my husband, doula/midwife, and my favorite doctor there and we'll decide what to do.

I'm going to meet my babies very soon. I can't believe it.


cheryllookingforward said...

Oh wow!!! You will be in my thoughts tomorrow and I can't wait to hear your story.

Lots and lots of good luck and healthy babies! Congratulations!!!

BB said...

I am so excited for you. Wishing you the best!!