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Monday, April 26, 2010

37 week update and confusion

So, this post is actually a little old.. I wrote it to sort through my feelings when I was confused about what to do... You probably read the story of the First Doctor's recommendations.. and then the Second (Better) Doctor's Recommendations.

Then, on Tuesday, I went to see the MFM/perinatologist, who is the high-risk doc that I see because of my age, twin status, and high blood pressure history.

Here's the note I wrote to my doula/private midwife after THAT appointment. The next post will have our decision..

Ok, so you were up to date before I went to see Better Doctor (BD) on Monday. The
appointment went well, as I predicted. She is just so different from Other Doc. First she confirmed that Tuesday is her day at the hospital, so she would be there during my labor and delivery, which is great. She checked and said I was 2 centimeters dilated and 80 percent effaced. I
really don't know much about those numbers, but she thought it was good. based on that, she suggested we change my appointment at the hospital to Tuesday morning and that I come in and we just break my water first thing Tuesday morning. I had had an appointment scheduled for this monday and BD told me to cancel since I would be coming in at 7 am tuesday.

She didn't say that we would do pitocin at the same time, like OD did. She said that she would recommend waiting about 4 hours and see what happens. Maybe my body will start contractions on its own after the membranes rupture.

I liked hearing that. However, I am still concerned that being "on the clock" will stress me out a little, as I really don't want pitocin. The reason I don't want it, I think, is because I don't think that I will be able to handle the contractions with out epidural and I also have heard about
increased c-section rate and increased fetal distress with pitocin. And the other big reason is that I want the babies to decide when they are ready and labor at home and just have that birth experience.. you know?

She did support natural methods of induction, but I haven't done anything about that yet. Honestly, we haven't really been anxious for them to come yet, so I haven't been motivated to do those.. And, especially after the Tuesday appointment with MFM. So, here's the details of that appointment.

ok, then i went to see MFM, the next day. Babies are measuring 6 pounds 5 ounces (girl) and 5 pounds 11 ounces (boy) - so exciting ! Carlos and I placed bets on the way over, but we both bet low. (Good thing we are not setting too high expectations for our babies already!)

Then we started talking about the induction. MFM saw no reason to induce before 38 weeks. She advised that I share with BD that I want to wait until Friday. I told her that Tuesday is induction day because of doctor's on call schedule - she said, ok, then wait until the next tuesday.

She said, now, barring any other risks, i am fine with you going to 38 weeks, or 38 weeks 4 days. MFM does want to make sure i do NSTs weekly - and she mentioned NST A (maybe including checking water level?) and of course, I had already cancelled my monday appointment.. based on the Tuesday induction plan.

She made it clear that if i wanted to go to 39 - which i don't - that she would want to talk more about that. but that she supports
not inducing on tuesday. she advised that i talk to BD and tell her what i'm thinking. She said that she would write in her report to BD abt our conversation and share that its ultimately up to OB, but that she doesn't see a need for induction on tuesday, based on history of high blood pressure or twin delivery status.

i told sheppard about one of the reasons I want to keep them in as long as
possible was what my doula midwife told me about their growth and neurological development, and she very much agreed and supported that.

ok THEN.. i shared with her about the pitocin/epidural thing, and she said "i actually advise my twin moms to get an epidural" - and we had that conversation. She mentioned also about Baby B's potential for breech extraction (he's transverse right now, not sure which way he'll go) and that being extremely painful and she said that even with hypnobirthing and relaxation and all
that, i might not be able to relax my pelvis and the doctor will need that in order to get the boy out.

She also mentioned if a c-section is needed that it would be better of course, to have had the epidural already. (i knew that.) Otherwise, it's "Michael Jackson knock out."

She also said that other medication that they might have to give me for pain (i guess she means like stadol? or maybe narcotics) WOULD get to the baby, so that's not good.

ok, so know i'm confused. and i know I need to do whatever i am going to do today. if i want to change my tuesday appointment, I need to call the office today and talk about that.

or, i don't know.

and the epidural decision, i guess i don't have to make
that decision right this second, but I do want to talk with you about it and get your thoughts. MFM said, maybe don't get it right away, but wait until you are further along...

So, that's the note I wrote early Friday morning. I talked through all this and prayed about it and tried not to think about, and finally decided. And then I've questioned my decision a hundred times since then. The decision is in the next post.

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cheryllookingforward said...

Whatever your decision is, I wish you all the best!