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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Starting Small dose of pitocin

No contractions yet, at least not any I can feel.

Monitor says I'm having a few, but nothing I can feel.

So.. we're going to get this thing started. The doc came in and we just had a long talk about pitocin. She answered all my questions, and she suggested we start with a very low dose, the lowest possible dose, which is one milliunit.

Basically my body is not doing this naturally, and if I want to meet these babies and have energy to get through labor, it's better to get started now.

I love that she was not pressuring at all. In fact, she said, I want you to feel comfortable with this. I want you to meditate on this and welcome the pitocin. If you feel that way and can get to that place, then when you're ready, we can start it. Otherwise, we can wait a while. Whatever you want.

And when she said it, it reminded me of Dr. Low Dog, this amazing naturopath that I met at a Executive Education Conference. I had asked her about my labeatalol and told her I was trying to get pregnant, and does she recommend any natural methods of lowering blood pressure rather than the medication. She was such an advocate for vitamins and herbs, I was curious to see what she would recommend.

I will never forget her response. She said, "You take that labetalol every morning, and you take a moment to be grateful for it. Be grateful that it's helping your body to regulate and it's going to sustain your pregnancy and keep your babies and you healthy. Take it each day with gratitude, and be thankful the medicine exists to help you." She completely changed my outlook.

And Dr. S reminded me of her when she told me to take some time to decide and welcome the pitocin.

So, thank you pitocin for helping to get my labor started. I am confident my body will kick in with its share of oxytocin and we'll start the process to meet our son and daughter.

More updates to come.

Thank you so much for following. It means the world to me to see your comments.


EWebey said...

Reminds me of a Hawaiian shamanic principle:
IKE (E-K): The world is what you think it is.
*And don't forget Mana: all power comes from within.
You can do this!

cheryllookingforward said...

Thinking about you Gabby!!! Not too much longer!