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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

morning update

ok, so we got here about 7:00. I think we were supposed to be here at 6:30, but oh well.

So, we got registered and that took a while. The "advantage" of arriving at the hospital when you are not in labor is you get to go to the registrar's office and fill out a bunch of paperwork. It was actually all electronic paperwork, so that was cool.

Dr. S. (BD) came in and broke my water about 8:40 am this morning. It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but I guess it was okay. At that time I was 2 cms, 85% effaced and -2 station. I was expecting a gush of water, but I didn't really get that.

Actually my hep lock is actually the most annoying thing. But i think it's gotten better finally. I am actually typing on my Mac, so that's why you are getting an actual update, rather than words. I think at some point, i will have to text from the phone, we'll see.

Anyway, Doc says I'm not supposed to be a "watched pot," watching my uterus and hoping it starts contracting. So, i'm trying not to think about it.

I'm on continuous fetal monitoring, which is clearly also a bit annoying, but Doc wants it, so thats cool.

My blood pressure has been high every time. I was pretty stressed and anxious at the beginning, so I think that's the reason for the early high readings. I'm doing pretty well now.

It's great to have my labor support here. We just are chatting, watching TV. Carlos is on his Mac, so he is happy, and Debra just went to get a snack.

Dr. S will probably come back around lunch and see how things are going. Maybe we'll have some action before then.

I have two nurses, one is in training. They have no other patients but me, so that can be good I guess.

I LOVE your comment. They are seriously going to keep me going, I know it. Once things start going.


Heather said...

best of luck to you! i hope they will let you off of the monitors for awhile to do some walking around. it might help labor get going and helps to pass some time. maybe you can walk past the baby nursery to take a peek at the new little babies even. :o)

Beautiful Mess said...

I didn't much care for my water being broken. Didn't hurt, but I didn't like it.

Thinking MANY happy labor thoughts for you! Can't wait to read more! YAAAY!!!!

Courtney said...

Oh, I'm so curious to know if you're going to start contracting on your own. Either way, it's so neat to think that today or tomorrow (hopefully today!) the two little ones will be here.

Julia said...


EWebey said...

YAY for real updates!! Hope they let you have some monitoring breaks so you can get up and walk around!!!

Chrys and Mike said...

WOOO HOO! so excited about an update!

ssebh said...

Checking in. I'm so happy to see that you are surrounded by those that love you. This is such an exciting day for you all.

Anonymous said...

Are you feeling any contractions? I, personally, think it's a good thing with you don't get the big water gush... baby is engaged and in your pelvis... which is a great sign. LOVE that you're posting here and still so excited for you.

HC & the gang...

Angela said...

Yay! The big day! I am so excited for you, Carlos and babes. Sending you lots of positive energy for an amazingly wonderful labor. Will be checking back for more updates.

Dandle Dreams said...

Thank you for keeping us in the loop. Soon your children will arrive in the world.