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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beta Test Update

So I went in at 7:30 this morning, and just got the results.

My hcg beta level was 23.6 as of 7:30 this morning. So.. still doubling, but still low. But still very very hopeful!

We went from 5.2 to 10.4 to 23.6.

They don't want to see me for 8 more days.

I'll probably take a HPT this weekend -- one that only detects 50 or greater.. that might tell us something..

Of course, I can pay 55 bucks to go in any day if I want to.
And I might. :)

Thanks for following. I'm still pregnant!


BB said...

Yay! Congratulation and good luck... praying for your numbers to keep increasing!

Michele said...

doubling is good!!! so glad to hear it!!!

just a note, I always got BFNs when pregnant until this pregnancy- even up to 14w! So, dont take a BFN too hard. Right now, things are good! Hold onto that!

Flower said...

So glad to know that the number is doubling. I didn't see the actual beta in your post. I am praying that you have a sticky BFP on your hands.

Barefoot said...

Congrats on the good news! And I totally think that 55 bucks is worth it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! And, Yea!

(love, sophia -- who can't enter the name/url combo for some reason)

Brenna said...

Oh gosh--I've been looking for this news all day! I'm so so happy to hear this news. I'd be sorely tempted to shell out another $55 between now and 8 days from now...but regardless of your choice, I love your positive attitude and will continue to send tons of good thoughts in your direction. xxoo

donna said...

I am so happy and hopeful. Keep up your positive thinking.

Heide said...

I tried to post earlier, but your site wouldn't let me leave a comment. Thank you for updating with your numbers! :) I am so thrilled for you... you are pregnant! Keep that postive attitude up - it will take you far. :)