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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday appointment update

I'm writing the update from Saturday's appointment..

So, we went in early Saturday morning for the ultrasound and blood test. It was nice that Carlos was able to be there with me because he was out of town for Tuesday and Thursday appointments.

So, on Thursday, the follicles were about 10 mm. and Saturday, they were about 14. Which is totally normal, they grow about 2 mm per day. So I was a bit surprised when the Doc said that they think the retrieval will be Wednesday, rather than Tuesday. My husband and I had both changed things around at work to be Tuesday, rather than Monday. And now that means the transfer will be Monday, rather than Saturday... which means I need to take off three days of work, instead of one.

Of course, I'll do whatever it takes, but all these changes have been a good reminder that we are not in control.

So, then after changing the date, we had to go pick up more Menopur, because of course, we ran out. Then we got a call that the Doctor wants to change our meds based on my estradiol level. My estradiol level was 4730. So, he told me to change to 225 units of Gonal-F instead of 300.

Ok, that's the update. I might write the Mother's Day update. Or i might not.


Dena said...

They have this stuff down to such a science, it's crazy! Sounds like things are progressing well though which is great! Retrieval Wed., transfer Monday...good luck!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it crazy how you get all organized and then they change everything on you? My first cycle I got my calendar and was all excited because the transfer date didn't conflict with any gigs. Of course over the next weeks things changed drastically, and first I was going to have to miss a concert, then not, then something else! But in the end it worked out, although it was almost 2 weeks later than the original transfer date. Hope things work out with your work and all goes smoothly!

Gabby said...

thanks so much, Dena and MMM!

I really appreciate ya'll checking in on me.

Michele said...

That's the big thing that I thing IF has taught me: my schedule is not my own. Change things for this and it becomes that instead. Never a dull moment.

Good luck!!!