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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Update - Thursday Ultrasound Follicle Report

wow - I have not been good at updating the past couple of days. I'll do one post about today and one about yesterday..

Starting with Thursday..

I had my appointment early Thursday morning. I think I'm just doing estradiol blood test and ultrasound, but the nurse says, "I need four things from you today!" in this really excited voice.

1. First was my weight. Of course, that was easy, but i told her to add twenty pounds before she wrote it down. I know what it's for -- my weight will determine how much anesthesia I get, and i have this completely irrational fear of gettting too much and never, ever, waking up. I've never had real anesthesia before. I had a colonoscopy, but that was not administered my an anesthesiologist, so i know it wasn't that serious. And this time, ther ewill be a real anesthesiologist. So, anyway, that was that.

2. Finger prick blood test for.. i can't remember what. I used to ask and care and but whatever sure, take my blood. Arm, finger, whatever.

3. Urine Sample. Might have been nice if I have advanced warning of this, but whatever.

4. Estradiol Blood Test. More on the results in a bit.

Ok, then I went in to the ultrasound. He found 12 follicles on the right side and 8-10 on the left. I was absolutely ecstatic. Seriously, I started crying right there on the table. I really need A LOT eggs since we are doing PGD and Day 5 transfer. The doc did not acknowledge my weeping at all, and pretty much said 2 sentences. "I think your retrival will be Tuesday. We'll see you back in Saturday for another ultrasound to monitor." That's all I really needed to know, so I went to work.

So, retrival got changed to Tuesday - it was gonna be Monday. I didn't like that so much, but i can at explain it. All this infertility stuff is hard because some of it is clearly unexplainable, but I have a definite need to understand everything.. cause and effect, logical reason for something happening.. I know i gotta get over this. But, here's my idea. I do my shots at night - abotu 9 - 10 pm.. So, we originally thought Monday, since some people do their shots early, like 7 am. But i do mine a full 13 hours later than perhaps expected, so there you go..

I go in tomorrow (well, as I right this, it's already past midnight, so later today) at 8 am, so if my follicles have grown really fast, then maybe things will change.

Anyway, my follicles were 10 units. I think it's mm they are measured in, but I'm really not sure. Anyway, most of them were 10 something. They are supposed to be 18 whatever before we retrive them, so we need them to grow.

I did my shots Thursday night - got really cocky and screwed up the meonopure. I had to throw out one day's dose, so hopefully if i need more, they will be able ot give me one little bottle when i go in tomorrow.

that's about it.

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Michele said...

Congrats! I hope things are great today!