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Friday, May 15, 2009

Fert Report - 17 embryos and what happens next

My embryologist told me that of the ones that were ICSI'ed, not all of them would necessarily fertilize. Which doesn't really make sense to me because I thought that ICSI was pretty much fertilization. i mean they inject the sperm into the center of the egg. Isn't that fertilization?

I guess you'd have to be a real dud sperm in order to be right there in the middle of the egg and be like "Nah, not today. I'm good."

Happy to report, no dud sperm. The embryologist called to say all 17 fertilized!

So, I guess we now have (as of the last report) 17 embryos!

Today, our embryos are dividing. They should be 2-4 cells today.

edited on 8-1-09 - I just found a scrap of paper that describes the embryos and wanted to document it.

All fertilized 2PN, which means 2 pro-neclei, which is normal fertilization
there were 17 total:
1 12-cell
3 9-cells
4 8-cells
3 7-cells
2 6 cells
3 5 cell
1 2cell

Tomorrow, the super embryologist will come and do the biopsy. Hopefully by Saturday morning when she comes, the embryos will be 6-8 cells. This embyrologist (also a she) will biopsy any embryo over 5 cells. She will do assisted hatching in order to pull one cell out.

We will get a phone call tomorrow to find out how many are available to be biopsied and then how many were biopsied and then our embryologist will pack up the cells from each of our embryos and send them on a plane to Chicago/RGI for PGD testing.

The shipping fee is like 500 bucks for shipping on a Saturday. They better not get lost on the way.


sophia said...

Seems like great news to me! Be sure to get a tracking number. :)

Callie said...

Congratulations on a terrific fertilization report! That is awesome! I'm crossing my fingers that everything is dividing as it should and that you get great results from the PGD.

Thanks also for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Your words of encouragement around the timing of acupuncture were very much appreciated. We had a great info meeting on it last night and I'm excited to get started.

Good luck!

Hillary said...

Congratulations! That sounds like a ton of embryos. Hopefully you have plenty of ones without both recessive genes, so you'll have ones to transfer now and tons to freeze for later. Good luck!

Flower said...

17!!! that is great!

donna said...

Wow, I just caught up on all your posts. You've been a busy blogger!

You are doing so great at keeping a positive attitude. I know it will make a difference!

Bottoms Off said...

awesome fert report. I laughed out loud at your description of the duds.

I hope your embies travel safely.

Peaches said...

WoW 17 is awesome!! Great start...
Love your thoughts on the "dud" sperm and icsi-made me LOL!!!
Wishing you the best!

KJ said...

Its not that they don't fertilize, its that that they don't fertilize normally. For example, you could end up with 3 pro-nucleii or none. I love this website for explaining what's normal and what's not.

How did I get to be such a nerd?? Someone help me.

And congrats!! :)

Michele said...

Praying for your babies!!! All 17 of them!

Gabby said...

KJ is totally right! I went back to my Handy-Dandy IVF Lab Flow Chart. It explains you could have one of four fertilization results for each ICSI'ed pair.

2PN - 2 pro-nucleii - normal fertilization
1PN - Possible fertilization
NEF - no evidence of fertilization
3PN - abnormal fertilization - discarded.

DARN! I wish I'd ask this about the other five! I just like to know. Will add to my list o' questions.

Thanks, KJ!