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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Egg Retrival - Full Story

Ok, I guess I'll write the full story now of Egg Retrieval.

So, we got there at 7:30 am, and they led us very quickly to "an area we had never been to before." The nurse said those exact words, like we were going to a dungeon or something. I changed into a gown and gorgeous hair net and was very happy to be allowed to keep my bra on. (I pretty much wear it 24/7 these days, my boobs are so sore.)

Carlos and I both put on booties, and we headed to the holding place before the operating room. The nurse starts to tell me what is going to happen, takes all my vitals (more on that in a minute), and put in the IV (which felt like nothing and sounded like a coke can opening) Then she concludes, "So pretty soon, there will be lots of different people coming in, and you'll get to meet each one and talk to them."

Kind of like a networking event. Except I'm wearing no makeup and a bonnet on my head.

But, she was right. Lots of people came in and talked to us.

The anesthesiologist came in and explained that I was getting MAC anesthesia, not general. That sounded good to me.. Basically he would continue to feed me anesthesia for as long as I needed it (during the retrieval) and then once it stops, I would wake up. Not to spoil the surprise, but he was totally right.

Then the embryologist came in. If you read my earlier post, you know that I already love my embryologist. She is encouraging and sweet and was very excited about the potential for a lot of eggs. The doctor has written 20-30 follicles on the latest ultrasound report, so everyone is excited about that. She reminds me about all the times she will call me and we'll get to talk on the phone and tells me not to hesitate to call anytime. Which I thought was so nice.

My nurse coordinator comes in. She tells me about after retrieval and what to watch out for and generally talks about nurse stuff.

Then the doctor comes in. There are 4 REs at my clinic, and this is the one that I had not spent much time with. He was not happy about my high blood pressure and basically insinuated that if it wasn't lower, he wouldn't be transferring any embryos in me. But this really was in the most loving way possible. He was basically telling me he are taking my high blood pressure very seriously. I promised him I have a prescription (Dr Young gave one to me), and promised him that I will get it filled tonight.

But the conversation continued and he scared me with things like death during child birth or bed rest in early pregnancy, or premature births (and all the associated bad things that go along with that.) i was already weeping and then..

Then, he tells me that he does NOT want me to have multiples.

That's when I pretty much lost it. I had been praying for twins. My whole life I wanted twins.

I told him that I had been praying for twins and he told me to stop. But then he told me that God knows what is best for me, and he hugged me. It was actually very comforting and sweet.

So, I tell him that I would like to transfer two embryos(considering two are available) And he sort of advocates for one, saying if i have one really strong unaffected embryo, he might advise just one. Somewhere during our conversation, I ask him if he is suggesting Selective reduction. He immediately says, no, I am completely against that. That is abortion. So, that and the earlier comment, and I realize that i am dealing with a man of strong faith. And I appreciate that.

Ok, long story short I compose myself enough to be ready for these eggs to get out of me, and honestly, i remember nothing until i am back in the same room and they are giving me Gatorade. I do not remember being wheeled anywhere, putting my feet in stirrups, or anyone saying anything to me. Anesthesia is weird like that.

So, then I recovered for a bit. Everyone came by to congratulate us on our 22 eggs that were retrieved and tell me to eat protein and drink electrolytes. And the doc comes back and asks if he wants to pray together. The doc leads Carlos and me in a nice prayer. It was nice and not weird.

Of course, they make you go to the bathroom before you can leave, so I did and then, I was pretty much ready to go.

So, then I put my clothes on, and got ready to leave. They had Carlos go move the car to get it closer to where I would walk out. But when they opened the curtain where I was changing and found my head on the bed. I had gotten lightheaded and dizzy and needed to lay down again.

I recovered again and was ready to go. I honestly was not in that much pain. They clearly had given me some stuff in my IV that was helping.

We finally leave. They make me leave in a wheelchair, which I think is so weird, but i know it's all about the liability. So, we get in the car, drive about 5 minutes and I throw up A LOT. Not that I had much to throw up, since I hadn't eaten since 9 pm the night before. But there was a lot of Gatorade and fluid in my system, well, now it was in the bag that I took home with my jacket in it. (Yes, I did have time to take the jacket out.)

I made Carlos take me back to the clinic. No one told me I might throw up, and I am not generally a thrower-upper, so I really wanted to know what was happening. They hooked me back up and checked my blood pressure, which was perfect (yeah, because they also put blood pressure meds in my IV, too) and oxygen, which was 100% and let me rest for awhile.

We went home again and then I rested pretty much all afternoon.

Then RGI in Chicago called for our aneuoploidy PGD decision - which I am going to cover in another post.

And then the embryologist called and told us that of the 22 eggs, they got that 17 were mature. And she told me that they were able to successfully ICSI all 17 of them. I congratulated her on her successful ICSIs. I know that some eggs do not survive ICSI. I produced the eggs, but from there, it was all her.

So that is pretty much it.

I'll use the next post to share the "Fert Report" and PGD decisions.


KJ said...

Hey girl- I'm glad everything turned out OK. Def blood pressure is a huge concern, so they are only looking out for you! I am rooting for those 17 little em-babies!

Dena said...

This is great news! Sorry the recovery part was not too fun though :(

Brenna said...

Sounds like a great egg retrieval to me (other than the blood pressure and throwing up, that is...sorry about that!). And your fertilization report is excellent! I'm sending you lots of good thoughts for a successful transfer. xxoo

BB said...

Thank you for your comments and information. Loved your detailed post about the ER... makes me a little less nervous reading it! :)

Fingers crossed for your embies!

Michele said...

Wow! Sounds like a busy day! Many prayers for your eggs and babies!!!