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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Potpourri of Updates - Next Steps and Pregnancy Test

i thought I would use this blog post to update on several things.

1. Frozen Embryos - We froze two on the day of transfer, and two the next day. So, we have 4 totsicles ready if/when we want to do a Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle. we are thrilled with that! We are also thrilled those frozen embryos are CF-free as have alreayd been tested for anueploidy.

2. When do we find out if we are pregnant? Everyone talks about the two week wait. Not to minimize the horrible long wait, because it's hard, hard, hard.. but it's really only like 10 days. The way it works at my clinic is that I go in for a blood test this Sunday. That is called a beta test. They take my blood and freeze it that day. They do not test it and they tell me nothing.

Then I go in on Tuesday, two days later and take another HCG beta blood test. They then test both blood samples at the same time. I'm not actually sure they tell me right then and there or call me later. I gotta find that out.

They are actually testing not just for the presence of HCG, the "pregnancy hormone" but also for the level of HCG. In pregnant women, the level of HCG doubles every 48 hours, so they are looking to confirm the exponential increase.

Honestly, I'm not tempted to take a home pregnancy test... yet. I don't actually own any, and I really don't want to go spend money on them.

However, i'm not sure how i am going to feel on Monday. I don't want a negative result Tuesday morning when I have to go to work, so I don't know. We'll see.

I have a fun weekend planned, so hopefully my mind will be occupied and I won't think about it so much. (Yeah, right.)

I know I owe a post about:
1. more information on PGD
2. the costs of all this.

Feel free to send other questions -- I promise I'll get to them!


Michele said...

I think I'd freak out about the whole freezing blood thing. Our RE tests and we get the results back in a few hours. I'd go nuts! I have so little patience, LOL.

I cant wait to hear your news!!! Fingers crossed!

donna said...

Have a great weekend! I hope it goes by super fast and we get to hear good news on Tuesday.

Megan said...

congrats on the frozen embies. I've never heard of the freezing blood for beta. Weird. Good luck!!!

KJ said...

You are brave for not POAS- I have never made it to beta day without doing it! I think I like the way your doc does it. I know exactly what this wait feels like and I am thinking about you a lot. I am praying for you.

Eve said...

Hi Gabby! I'm returing your visit to my bloghouse yesterday! Happy ICLW!!!! I wish you the very best of luck with your cycle and the results you will be getting soon. You're like me, I HATE always makes me feel horrendous. Come and visit me again anytime!!!!!

Brenna said...

That's really interesting that your clinic freezes the first blood sample and then tests them both at once. I've never heard of that before! I'm also not sure I'll be able to wait until beta (ours is Wednesday) but I'm really trying. I think Tuesday is the earliest I'd test, maybe just so that we have a preview of what to expect the following day... Good luck! My fingers & toes are crossed for you!