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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My First Freak-out

So, last night I did the final Lupron shot at 6:30 pm and then the Ovidrel trigger shot at 8:30 pm. A good friend called, so it took me a little longer, but it was in me by 8:40 pm.

the clinic gave me a pregnancy test to take with the first morning urine and told me to call *immediately* if it was negative. Basically pregnancies test measure the level of HCG in urine, and HCG is what the trigger shot is.

So, i woke up this morning at 3:30 am, and I had to go to the bathroom. i tried to let it pass and go back to sleep, but I couldn't. So i found the sterile cup and the instructions and the test and took it. I was shocked when it was negative and i freaked out. I did a quick search of google. Of course, everyone writes about how long the trigger shot stays in your body.. when people take a pregnancy test for real after transfer, they wonder if the positive hcg is just the remnants of the trigger shot. I even found an excel that measure the half-life of HCG.

But then, all I had to find was one post that said no line after trigger shot and NO EGGS. I pretty much lost it.

Carlos encouraged me to call the doctor. The instructions said, "Call Immediately if it's negative." So, of course, i got the medical exchange, who refused to call the doctor for me. the especially refused when I said:

Me: I have an emergency. I took a pregnancy test, and it's negative.

I had to explain the significance of that. they finally got the doctor on call (the really nice female doctor at my clinic) to call me back. She said to test again around 9:00 am. Maybe it hadn't gotten through to my urine yet.

I don't actually own any pregnancy tests. I know, I should have my Infertile membership card taken away. But I stopped buying them because I think they are crack.

So, Carlos was going to run to Wal-mart to buy them.

Well, in the meantime before the doc called me back, I called Fertility LifeLines. Does everyone know about fertility Lifelines? I freaking LOVE them. They are nurses available for 24-hour support. So, I called and got to speak to a nurse who was luckily in eastern time zone, so wide awake. She explained that, yes, it really should have made it to my urine by now. and calmed me down very effectively. I told her how i did the shot, which of course, was totally in vain, because i am a total pro by now, and of course i did it right.

Anyway, i walk back towards the bathroom, and Magically another very very faint barely-there line appeared on the stick below the first one. I was over the moon and also felt kinda dumb.

I was asleep about 10 minutes later.

Now I'm awake and ready for my last day before retrieval. Any advice for day-before-retrieval? My clothes are so tight already, and I just heard i might gain weight AFTER egg retrieval. I love when things completely defy logic. I gained weight because i am growing a circus in my uterus, and when they them out, i gain more weight? This rocks.

Of course, I'll deal with whatever I'm dealt; I just thought it was interesting.

good wishes to by cycle sister, Brenna!


Michele said...

Good luck!!!

Dena said...

Oh, that would have freaked me out - glad it turned up positive! And glad your estradiol is so high - yay!!!

sophia said...

what a roller coaster! good luck!