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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Meeting the Embryologist

So, on Friday, we got to have our own private Egg Class with the embryologist. We really really like her. She is the director of the Embryology Lab and so nice. The more I read, the more I think the embryologist job is the most important job in all of this. She is basically in charge of keeping our embryos alive for 5 days! I asked her if she would be willing to be our embryologist and be there for the transfer and she said that she would be honored.

I felt so much better after meeting her. I really wanted to understand the whole process, how they keep them safe and nurtured, and keep track of which one is which (which is especially important since we are doing PGD) and I also wanted to understand how they grade them and what kinds of decisions we will need to make at which times. She explained all that and more. Then I went to the acupuncturist afterwards and told him about meeting her. The TCM doctor said that she is one of his favorite people and possibly one of the best embryologists in the country! I think our little future babies are in good hands.


sophia said...

Such great news to feel at ease with the embryologists! Good luck this week with the shots.

Mo and Will said...


Thanks for stopping by our blog earlier. So sorry that you found out you are carriers for CF. Thank goodness you had testing done and can do PGD. Pretty cool to get to meet with the embryologist. My husband Will and I are both in the medical field and have been through IVF 4 times - but have never met the embryologist, except for a minute at embryo transfer time. I hope 1x is the charm for you two. hang in there!