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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Estradiol Test and Shot Update

So tonight..the shots were So.No.Big.Deal. I mean seriously. I am getting so cocky with this shot thing, I did the Gonal-F standing up. I was like, whatever, I can do this. I don't even need to lay down. (Or is it lie down? I am seriously a grammar and spelling snob, so i should probably look that up before I publish this, but whatever, you guys know what I mean, right?) Anyway, I think it was record timing. I was done in like 5 minutes. It's actually kinda fun. And I totally did the Menopur right without having to call Carlos. Last night, I screwed up, and couldn't seem to get the water in there to mix. User error, of course.

Anyway, back to tonight. It was easy. I even had my strawberries and Fat Free Cool Whip treat before I did it, because I don't even need that to motivate me anymore.

Did I tell ya'll that Carlos was going to hire me a nurse to come here every night and give me my shots, because we were just THAT worried about it? Not kidding. And we are totally thrifty and frugal people.. and I was all for it. I'm like, let's spend whatever, there is NO WAY i'm giving shots to myself. And look at me now, I'm doing it standing up.

Enough of that. Back to this morning's appointment. So, I got my blood taken to check for estradiol levels. Keep reading for the results, I'm telling the story in order. As if anyone cares about my results. Anyway, so then I meet with the nurse coordinator. I have my little list o'questions. First question: I told her my sharps box was totally full and busting at the seams and what do I do? I really thought she would say, bring it in, we can empty it here. But she said, "oh, I'll get you another one and promptly disapperas, reappearing moments later with a shiny new sharps box.

I'm thinking, so what do I do with the old one, keep it, like, forever? Like put it on top of my closet and then when my little girl is 14 and being a major brat, and telling me she hates me and i'm the worst mother in the world (because I'm not stupid. I know it will happen. ) Carlos goes and gets the sharps box and says, do you know what your mother went through to have you? now go apologize to your mother and then go to your room.

At first, I wrote that story like I go get the sharps box, but I think I like it better this way. And he would totally do that for me, I'm sure.

Ok, back to the present. So I get a sharps box, and then she hands me a brown paper lunch sack and tells me it's a pregnancy kit. Then she tells me it's Not that Kind. Hmmm.. is there more than one kind of Pregnancy? Ok, I get it, it's a pregnancy TEST. But not to test if I am pregnant. Yeah, yeah, I know, test to make sure the Ovidrel trigger shot worked, since pregnancy tests test HCG levels, and that's also what the trigger shot does, more or less. Ok, so I got a pregnancy test, and I will find out when to use it on Thursday.

(By the way, I know, I'm such a first-timer, newbie at all of this, and this must be painful to read for you folks that have been through this before, but I want to remember all these details, so thanks for bearing with me.)

So, since I wa getting all these gifts, I thought I'd ask for some prenatal vitamin samples. I'm out and well, hey, it saves me a trip to the store, and like 20 bucks, so right on. I'm cool. Got some samples. Like a month worth. Loves it.

So, then of course, I tell her about Carlos being in Vegas and me doing my shots, and for some reason I decided to show her my little bruises. I pull up my shirt and show her. Then I confirm, "I'm supposed to vary the places, right?" A circle around my belly button? And she says, "Actually you can just do below your belly buttom, since you have more fat there. I take that in the best possible way. I do have more fat there. It's cool.

So, that's pretty much that apointment. I go to work and wait for the call.

She calls and says estradiol level is 732. At least I think. I was walking to a meeting and didn't have a pen, but it was something like that. She said, it's good. Not too high, not too low. So keep doing what you are doing, and we'll see you Thursday. Ok, will do.

I think that's about it. Stay tuned for the next exciting installment.


Michele said...

Yay! Glad you are responding well.

My first sharps container got full right before this cycle. Instead of getting a new one (I have one upstairs and one downstairs) I just bagged the sharps and gave them to someone who has access to a large container that is emptied properly. Your doctor's office would probably accept them.

I inject below the belly button because the more fat the less issue. But I still get super bruised. During a cycle, my stomach is just one giant, blue, swollen mess!

Anonymous said...

Yay for getting free stuff from your clinic! Glad your levels are good. I know I JUST got rid of the sharps from my first 2 cycles (TONS of them), cuz our clinic wouldn't take them. We had them in those big plastic juice containers from Costco since the tiny sharps container only held the merest fraction of them. And at my clinic they wanted to charge me $5 for each new container! Apparently in my county you are supposed to just chuck the container in the trash - that is what the clinic told me to do. So we did. Crazy.