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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday update - TDAP and acupuncture

Ok, if you missed the Thursday update, read the post two below. This is the update from Thursday.

So, I had an appointment with a family practice doctor to get a TDAP immunization. My fertility clinic wants all patients to get one, as the CDC recommends that all primary caregivers are immunized to protect newborns. i like that we are thinking positive, that there will be a newborn soon!

However, no one told me that the TDAP shot would Hurt.Like.Hell. Seriously, i had no idea. I am so good at shots now, i thought it woudl be like those. Which, seriously, I want non-infertiles to think I'm going through hell with these shots, but I know I can't lie. they really are no big deal. But this shot was like an 8 inch needle and it hurt going in and it hurts now. I asked Carlos if he had a tetanus shot before and if he remembered it hurt, ever afterwards. He tells me, "Yes, babe. it will hurt for like two days. Feels like someone punched you in the arm." Nice. he's right. that is exactly what it feels like. and it's really nice to have my feelings validated.

So this is the best part. All i really needed was the TDAP shot, but the appointment took forever. I went to a new doctor, because well i recently moved, and I really don't have a general practitional. I got an OB/GYN, really, only to get a referrral to the fertility clinic, and i have a team of doctors at the fertility clinic, but i don't have a GP. So i really just called whoever I could get into to get this immunization. Turns out i made an appointment with a group of RESIDENT family practice doctors.

So my resident was like super thorough and took forever. oh yeah, and she was, i think 25 years old. ok, MAYBE 26, but she definitley had not seen this side of 30. that's fine, we all need to learn, but i defintiely realized something abotu myself. I am a bit ageist when it comes to doctors. I woudl really rather they be older than me. I realize as i get older, that will be harder and harder. but i'm sure i'll get over it as i get older.

so, this annoyance with her age probably comes from the comment she said to me.

So, I wrote on my intake form, in the same called, what are you here for? I wrote.. TDAP for preconception.

She reads that and here's the conversation:

Hi. I'm Doctor Young.

Me: HI.

Doctor Young: So, TDAP for preconcption. That's great. Are you pregnant?

Me: No. I'm doing IVF next week. (Thinking, did they teach you the prefix "pre" in medical school, but being very nice at this point.)

DY: That's great. Have you already gotten your donor eggs and everything?

Me: Uh.. (rather shocked, donor eggs are fabulous, but i'm not using them. Is she making a judgment on my age?? I'm about to get defensive. And after defensive comes bitchy. It's a short trip, actually.) I'm using my own eggs, actually. My eggs and my husband's sperm. We're fine. We're doing IVF to not pass on a genetic disease to our kids.

So, anyway, the rest of the appointment went fine, but i probably won't volunteer to see her again. Could she just not know that IVF typically happens with a woman's own eggs? Whatever. I think donor eggs are wonderful, and I am totally up for using them if my eggs turn out to be not good enough. But i'm 35.. the assumption at this point is that we're good. I know i got defensive. Of course, we weren't getting pregnant, which is why we found out we were CF carriers in the first place, but i still feel like we are fine, except for that one small thing.

So, anyway, I really don't think i look that old. but i've never been all interested in looking younger anyway. Actually in my line of work, I want to look older, more experienced for my cleints.

Whatever, i'm over it.

I went to Acupuncture and then picked up Carlos from the airport.

We watched American Idol from this week, (so happy about my little hottie Kris Allen - safe) did my shots, and fell asleep on the couch. I got up to write this and now, i'll wake him up to go to bed. He did my shots tonight. It was nice to be able to be lazy and let him take care of me.

More tomorrow.. thanks for reading.

Oh yeah, i called today for my esradiol results. Yesterday they were 2374. That's good. Yay!


Dena said...

First of all, that is a great estradiol level...yay!! Secondly, that conversation with the nurse would have made me really mad. People really have no clue do they, even medical people.

I hope those follicles keep on GROWING and I will be keeping an eye out for an update next week. Hang in there!

Oh and thanks for your comment... the pain killers have helped some but have also kept me awake at night...darn reverse side effects. Oh well, at least the worst of it is over!

Michele said...

Wow, Dr. Young needs an assisted reproductive technologies and A.R.T. etiquette class!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, I'm rooting for you!!!

I went to a family practice and was diagnosed for a year... meaning I TTC in vain for a year. This one sounds particularly ignorant. I'm sorry you had a horrible experience with her.

Still, Good luck. I look forward to reading your journey as well.

Egg Donors said...

Great Post.....

I found your site on stumbleupon and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

Thanks for sharing....