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Saturday, May 30, 2009

4th beta at 17dpo

Well, my beta didn't exactly double..

But it didn't go down, either.

So, I'm still in limbo land.

At 17 dpo, my beta was 34.

As a reminder, my first two betas were 5.2 and 10.4. Then the hcg got a little crazy two days later and was 23.6.

So, now I have 42 reasons to be hopeful.

This time, Carlos and I talked to the nurse pretty extensively after my blood test.

I asked if a lack of progesterone could have had anything to do with it. I am paranoid because I chose not to do the PIO, but rather do endometrin (and diapers) three times a day. For the uninitiated, Endometrin is a tablet you use a tampon-like gadget to insert three times a day. The nurse assured me that I am geting enough progesterone with it, and not to think anything about that. She was very re-assuring, but I bet you next time, I will be brave and do the PIO.

She talked to us about warning signs for an ectopic and told us to get me to the emergency room if I expereince those. That was a very comforting conversation. (sarcasm)

When she called with the results, she said that the Dr. asked that I come in on Monday. So I made an apointment for 7:30 am. I think it's so interesting that this RE wants me to come in Monday, but as of last Thursday, the other RE wasn't going to have me come in for eight more days, the normal Beta #3 day.

Personally I'd rather go in more often. I just really want to know what is going on.

She told me a couple more things. One, no sex, baths, or swimming until after my period comes and goes this time. Too much risk of infection. But if the levels go down, then I could have a glass of wine. I'm not a huge drinker, so I'm not so concerned about that. But, nice to know.

And she also told me that mostof the time, the REs want to not start the next treatment cycle until after 2 more periods, this one and the next one. So, depending on what happens, I guess I'll have to refill the BCPs pretty soon, since we do not want to get pregnant on our own.

So, back to trying to be positive. Maybe I'll listen to the Anji meditation CDs tonight.

Praying that this really, really late implantation, in my uterus and not my tubes, and growth that speeds up soon.


'Murgdan' said...

Gosh. Limbo SUCKS. I'm sorry you're having to go through this long extensive waiting period to find out if you are perfectly pregnant, and I hope thats how this story ends.

I wouldn't worry about the endometrin, the studies done indicate it maintains progesterone levels just as well as PIO...just more docs stick with what is tried and true (PIO). I personally prefer the endometrin (and diapers) than the thought of shooting sesame oil in my ass.

Just my opinion.

BB said...

Thank you for your prayers Gabby! You are in my thoughts too! Since my progesterone levels have always been low, I had a talk with my RE during the IVF consult... he mentioned that one only needs progesterone levels of 5 for implantation to happen... though during the IF stuff, they like to see a 9. So as long as the "supplement" bring up the level to a 9 or so... I would like to think that we are okay! I will be going in for b/w Monday morning too! Will look fwd to your upate! Good Luck! (Sorry, if this is a repost, I had some trouble leaving a comment few seconds ago!)

Grade A said...

Fingers crossed. Go up, numbers, go up!

Megan said...

I'm so sorry you are in limbo. I'm hoping for the best.

KJ said...

Limbo sucks. Really it does. I'm so sorry that you have to endure this. I'm praying that its not ectopic, that's scary.

I did the PIO. You know me- I think most of the drugs are no big deal- but I have to admit that the PIO does suck!

I'm thinking about you lots. Try to relax the rest of the weekend.

Our Journey... said...

Hi Gabby,
I just got back in town and caught up on your posts. I am SO sorry for what you are going through. I hate being in limbo and have been there all too often. I really hope that the outcome is a good one for you and will be on the look out for more updates. Hang in there!

Mo and Will said...

keeping my fingers crossed for you guys. I know that it is so hard to be in limbo.


Brenna said...

Oh, I hate limbo! You're handling this (at least outwardly so far as I can see) with such grace and strength. I hope your numbers go up again and that you get a solid answer soon. Thinking about you!

Michele said...

limbo sucks but i'm so glad you are thinking positive. that is really all any of us can do.

saying a prayer for your baby.

Flower said...

Tag you're it. I left u something on my blog.

Hope is well with you.